Company-wide reporting across your entire Microsoft Teams userbase, no matter where they are.

Identify cost optimisation opportunities, adoption levels, employee burnout indicators, coaching opportunities, employee engagement levels, usage and a whole lot more.

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Get the MS Teams visibility you’ve been missing with the new Clarity™ for MS Teams.

Our new Clarity™ for MS Teams solution will unlock transformative visibility that you've been missing.

Get visibility into Call Analytics

Get visibility into Workforce Analytics

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Achieving visibility across your Microsoft Teams userbase has never been easier. Powerful companywide reporting and insights into all costs, usage and licences is presented via our easy to use software platform. Now that’s CLARITY.

Clarity™ for MS Teams provides insights to help you better manage this growing UC expense item.

Clarity™ for MS Teams: Our MS Teams module enables our customers to achieve powerful companywide visibility and insights into the cost, consumption and productivity across the entire Microsoft Teams user base.


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Clarity is a software platform offering a comprehensive suite of technology expense management modules.

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