5 TIPS to consider when choosing a mobile expense management software provider.


1. Carrier Agnostic

Your provider should offer a carrier agnostic solution meaning that the software is capable of delivering insights across all major mobile carriers. Many businesses utilise more than one mobile carrier and or decide to change carriers at some point. Your software should not be a limiting factor in this regard.

2. Experience

The provider should be more than just a software developer and should be able to demonstrate strong subject matter expertise and consistent experience in the mobile expense management market.

3. Testimonials

It’s always a good idea to ask your provider for customer testimonials. Testimonials should be able to validate both product and service and in doing so help support your decision-making process

4. Thought Leadership

Consider whether the provider has been an active thought leader in the mobile expense management market. Thought leadership is often a tell-tale sign of the providers willingness to innovate, ability to remain current and demonstrates market understanding.

5. Core Focus

It’s always a good idea to establish whether the provider owns, develops and supports the software in-house or whether any aspects are outsourced. This is important when it comes to after sales service, implementation, data protection and customisation.

The Power of Knowing

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