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Transform your PBX data into decision making power.

Advanced Call Reporting and Analytics across your company telephone system.

Here's what Clarity for PBX can deliver for you:

Single online view with powerful reporting and dashboards.

Identify unreturned missed calls and improve customer experience.

Manage and contain costs.

Align key stakeholders with centralised visibility.

Improve resource planning.

Prevent misuse through exception reporting.

Understand peak calling times.

Use peer benchmarking to improve team productivity.

Improve decision making.

Here's what our customers say

Why you can trust Clarity for PBX

For over 16 years we’ve helped businesses understand their call activity and trends.

We provide reporting on most major OEMs.

Many of our customers have been with us for over 10 years.

Continuous R&D drives platform enhancements.

Enhance customer experience, resource planning and cost management.

Whether your workforce is centralised, dispersed across several physical office locations or a hybrid of remote home/office workers, Clarity™ delivers a single, companywide view of all calling activity at your fingertips. Near real time insights and historic trends enhance your ability to proactively manage your team. Easily report on important business metrics like average ring time, unanswered/missed calls, long duration calls, busy hours, busy days and more.

Telephone calls remain a vital communication channel.

Many businesses overlook the immense value hidden within their PBX call records – missing out on insights that could transform their operations.

Clarity™ is a software platform that unlocks the value of your PBX call records by turning every call into a source of valuable business insight.

Using this data effectively can support various business KPI’s, influence user behaviour and significantly enhance overall decision making.

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Clarity is a software platform offering a comprehensive suite of technology expense management modules.

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