A better way to manage Channels in Microsoft Teams


🤔 Using Channels in Microsoft Teams? This feature is for you…

Our team is geographically dispersed and so team members come together to collaborate, meet and communicate online via the “Channels” capability available in Microsoft Teams.

💡 Tip: We create intentional teams and channels in Microsoft Teams for people to collaborate around specific projects, topics, business objectives and more…

As the adage goes, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”. This is acutely the case when it comes to team communication, collaboration and engagement.

That’s why we built Clarity™ for MS Teams and one of the great features of our new solution is the ability to deep dive into Team and Channel activity levels. We wanted a better way to know that the teams and channels associated to important, time sensitive tasks were seeing the desired activity levels, consistently and with appropriate input from key stakeholders.

Being able to track and measure that channel activity [and effort] is headed in the right direction is critical. But without the right tools it’s highly manual and requires making contact with key people to request anecdotal feedback. This can unnecessarily disrupt the flow of the actual work, so we were often hesitant to do this and had to settle with hoping that time and effort is being spent on the right things.

Clarity™ for MS Teams solves this problem by providing simple, easy to use insights that are available to all key stakeholders who need them, not just those with privileged Microsoft access rights.

Now we can quickly establish across all our teams and channels where activity is lower than it should be, or where key team members are inactive within a specific team or channel.

We can easily spot which channels are seeing the highest levels of activity and engagement across a range of different metrics.

When “time is money” it’s very comforting being able to now that it’s being spent on the right things.

The Power of Knowing

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