Apex BI’s Business in a Box

Apex BI’s decision to adopt a wholly channel-based go-to-market strategy represents a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs and established channel players alike.

Nobody could call the Covid- 19 pandemic a positive event, but it has conclusively proved the benefits of digital transformation for every type and size of organisation. There’s no question anymore that the more digital an organisation is, the better able it is to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions, and to identify and seize new opportunities.

“The onward march of the Internet of Things (IoT) and now the emergence of hybrid work models is driving a massive expansion of the IT and telecoms estate. A much more distributed workforce and a growing number of smart devices are consuming extensive amounts of data, in turn creating a management nightmare for hard-pressed CIOs and CFOs,” says Brett Thomas, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Apex BI. “Keeping tabs on this equipment as well as the billing from network providers has always been a challenge, and now it’s become an impossibility given the upward surge of numbers in both areas. Apex BI has developed a software platform, Clarity™, that solves all these problems, which is why our business is growing so fast.”

Founded 14 years ago, Apex BI software is now used to manage 1.5 million mobile devices and 40 000 desk phones. It reports on 80-plus leading ICT providers for its 500-plus customers.

Thomas argues that the ability to automate and manage this sprawling IT and telecoms estate, including billing from multiple providers, is essential going forward. Incorrect or inaccurate billing can result in heavy overpayments over years and create unreliable source data, the reason why the forecasting of budget and service provider requirements is typically inaccurate.

“The potential market for our suite of Clarity™ products is massive, which is why we have decided to shift to an exclusively channel-based model,” Thomas says. “Growing our channel is giving us a far more extensive reach into both local and international markets, and we believe provides a uniquely powerful opportunity for individuals or companies that have the vision and drive to capitalise on this huge opportunity.”

Business in a box

Apex BI has designed a comprehensive channel strategy that accommodates various types of reseller: exclusive, nonexclusive and co-branded. There is also potential for white-labelled services for the likes of fixed-line or mobile network operators.

Obviously, the kind of support varies according to type of reseller, but the important point is that the partnership includes all the back-office and sales tools needed to succeed—a genuine `business in a box’. Clarity™ is already a world-class IT and telecoms data expense management platform, and it’s continually being improved via ongoing R&D by an in-house team of developers.

Full global support and training is provided, including sales support to ensure resellers get unfettered access to its 14 years of tried-and-tested sales knowhow, in order to clinch the deal.

Thomas says that he has been in the ICT and telecoms business for over two decades, and has never seen such a great opportunity to grow either a fledgling or mature business.

“When you find a pressing challenge that simply has to be solved, and a technology that automates that solution, it’s like a planetary alignment—something very rare,” he says. “Best of all, this opportunity presents an annuity-based income opportunity, enabling partners to grow their business exponentially with every new deal. It’s literally a hole in one.”

To find out more, please visit https://claritytem.com/partner/

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