Omnia Group deploys Apex BI’s Clarity Technology Expense Management platform


Omnia Group deploys Apex BI’s Clarity Technology Expense Management platform

The Omnia Group, a diversified chemicals group that supplies chemicals and specialised services and solutions for the agriculture, mining and chemical application industries, has deployed Apex BI’s Technology Expense Management (TEM) platform, Clarity, which delivers detailed insights across the entire group through to user level. The meta data Clarity attributes to each user is vital in enabling Omnia to understand quickly where the particular owner of a SIM card lives within the organisational hierarchy, and whether or not their consumption and related expenditure, are in line with their job function.

Not only does the Omnia Group try to limit the consumption of materials and resources used in its manufacturing processes, but it also works to create value continuously through its products. This approach is equally mirrored internally when it comes to the consumption management and internal value creation relating to its mobile environment.

Elaine Janssen, Omnia Group Procurement Officer explains:  “We needed the tools necessary to enable us to pinpoint and validate the primary cost drivers and contribution areas. Clarity has provided us with the level of insight necessary for the effective transfer of accountability and visibility to the relevant stakeholders. It also facilitated the implementation of strategic, and most importantly, informed, fact-based decisions.  An example of one of the decisions that we were able to implement quickly was the deployment of enforced usage policies via Clarity, for certain user groups. This resulted in substantial savings,”

According to Nick Inward, National Account Manager, Apex BI, Omnia sought a means to: increase stakeholder accountability; acquire greater control over its mobile usage; decrease costs through enhanced visibility of consumption in all of its technology services, and access insightful data in support of informed decision-making processes,” he says. “It is exactly where TEM and specifically Clarity have a significant role to play,”  he says.

Clarity offers a plethora of features and functionality benefits including: single view across all mobile providers; benchmarking and performance tracking. Before and after analysis is made easy, and cost accounting and internal reporting are improved. It provides objective insights; measurable, tangible, high impact cost savings and allows informed decision making. Spreadsheets with disparate information across the stakeholder environment are eliminated. The system has the ability to lock user SIM cards if the predefined business rules and policies embedded in the deployed software, are transgressed.

“Simply put Apex BI customers benefit from the power of knowing. They can log into a sophisticated online single source of information that provides near real time foresight preventing bill shock, in other words changing decision making from reactive to proactive,” concludes Inward.

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